Are You Confident About Your Personal Financial Choices?

Do You Clearly Understand Their Ultimate Impact On You?

Have you ever made a financial decision that you later regretted?

Or... do you regret not having done something in the past that would have benefited you greatly now?

Most of us would answer "yes" to both of these questions.

Would your choices have been different had you understood how they would ultimately impact you?

"Our goal is to be a guide to help you better understand what is important and how much your financial choices matter."

Smart choices about money require a clear understanding and appreciation of the ultimate impact of those decisions.

We have met the enemy, and he is us.


And yet... too often... important decisions are made with hardly any consideration given to the full cost and total financial impact of the choice.

How can something so illogical be explained?

The answer lies in the fact that...

We have not been taught to clearly understand the degree to which our personal financial choices matter.

When you clearly understand the full impact of your choices... both in dollars and in regard to the final result...

  • Your priorities change.

  • You become highly motivated.

  • Good decisions become more obvious and easier to make.

  • Your confidence grows... you feel empowered... you begin to gain peace of mind.

  • Little by little... you will no longer see money (or the lack of it) as a boring and hopeless issue that you are forced to have to deal with.

  • Instead... you will find yourself becoming excited with the prospect of your future.

  • You will look past money to what is "really" important to you.

Making smart choices requires two things.

First... a clear and detailed understanding of what matters, why it matters, and how much it matters.

Secondly... you must know how to choose the right products for your needs.

If you are currently overwhelmed and confused... you are not alone.

Most sites are sales sites.

Their focus is on selling product... not on helping you.

The result is information that is often too general... too sanitized... and devoid of many crucial details needed to make smart choices.


  • We have simplified your search for information that matters.

  • We will make sure that you are clear about what matters and why.

  • We will help you quantify how much it matters.

Smart choices come easier when you know what matters.

"Because It Matters"... Jim

Solo Build It!

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