Life Insurance Is Tangible Evidence Of Your Love For Your Family.

Protecting your family is a basic and instinctive act of love.
Love your family with life insurance protection.

I once heard someone say that you should strive "to live each day as if it were your last." Wouldn't you agree that that is excellent advice?

Though absolutely true, that mindset is hard to maintain. Most people realize in their minds that they could die on any given day.

However, many of us struggle to believe in our hearts that today could be that day. As a result, it is easy to put off protecting your family and just go on as if tomorrow is guaranteed.

Act now so that you don't prolong the risk for your family. Many have delayed too long and their loved ones have suffered for it.

Here Is What Matters...

• that you have life insurance protection.
• that you have enough life insurance protection.
• that you understand the difference between term insurance and whole life insurance.
• that you understand employer sponsored group life plans.
• that you own your own insurance policy.
• that you understand that insurability is a privilege and not a right.

Here Is Why It Matters...

Every day you leave your home, get into your car and drive off to work. Is your home insured? Is your car insured? Wouldn't it be hard to imagine not insuring both your home and your car? Valuable assets need to be protected.

And Yet, far too many people who would never dream of not insuring their cars or homes, often leave their loved ones exposed to possible financial ruin because they have not insured their most important asset.

Your most important asset is your ability to make money and provide a continuing income flow for your family.

If you have enough assets to provide cash flow for your dependents in the event of your death, you do not need life insurance.

Consider what would happen to your family if you and your income disappeared? Nothing would be more important to your family if you were gone than having a continuing flow of income.

If you do not currently have insurance protection and you have a family, act now to protect your loved ones.

This Is How Much It Matters...

Again, what if you were uninsured and somehow you died unexpectedly. What would happen to your family? Would they be OK or not?

Mourning a death is much worse when accompanied by financial devastation.

Now consider an example...

You are married and have three children ranging in age from two to eight years old.
Your gross monthly income is $5,000 per month.
Your spouse is a stay at home mom.
Your total debt is: $175,000 mortgage plus $30,000 consumer loans and credit card debt.
You are a healthy 35 year old non smoker.

So, how much insurance protection would be required to pay off the debt and to insure a $5,000 per month cash flow for the family in this example?

A quick estimate would be... total debt to be paid plus 8 to 10 times annual survivors' income goal. Or, in other words, somewhere in the area of $685,000 and $805,000 worth of life insurance protection. Wow! That's a lot of money. That's a lot of need.

Is your coverage amount adequate to protect your family the way that you want them to be protected?

My experience has led me to realize that most families are under insured based on their protection goals.

Now remember, everyone's situation is different and will require a different amount of coverage.

Evaluate your own particular need using the insurance calculator provided by the following link. Carefully read the link instructions before clicking to the calculator.
To determine how much coverage you need... first click here.
Then select the "Life Insurance Needs Estimator"

Even if you choose to go directly to an insurance professional... it is good to have an understanding... in advance... as to how much life insurance coverage it will take to adequately protect your family and... what type of life insurance product you need.

This site will help you know that.

By the way, our 35 year old male non smoker could purchase $750,000 worth of term life insurance for approximately $65 to $95 per month depending on the insurance company. This is at "standard" rate. If he qualifies for "preferred" rate, the premium would be even less.

One last thing to think about. Even at $95 per month, $750,000 worth of protection is a pretty incredible bargain.

Here is what I mean...

$95 per month x 12 months per year x 20 years = $22,800. In other words, over the next twenty years it would only cost a total of $22,800 to provide your family $750,000 in the event of your death. What a bargain.

Love and protect your family now.

"Because It Matters"... Jim

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