Use A Budget To Decrease Risk And Increase Opportunity.

If you have not yet created a budget...

You are by default... accepting the "Risk Of Unawareness".
You are by default... overlooking a tremendous "Opportunity".

That doesn't sound very smart does it?

Well... it's not.

And yet... believe it or not... many really smart people have yet to create a family budget.


So what is this... "Risk Of Unawareness" business?

Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.

~ Albert Einstein

"Lack of awareness" of a problem prevents you from being able to solve the problem.

The same is true for "vague or partial awareness".

Being just partially aware of a problem may also prevent you from being able to solve the problem correctly and effectively.

Being only partially aware of what is happening with your money is... just not good enough.

Consider this common example...

Is there always more month than money left at the end of your paycheck?

If so... how can you solve this problem if you remain "unaware" of where all of your money goes each month?

If you choose to remain "unaware"... then you are choosing to accept the risk of living paycheck to paycheck.

Continuing to live paycheck to paycheck...

How much risk are you willing to accept?

Evaluated risk is a choice.
Risk due to "unawareness" is a shame.


Without A Budget... You May Be Overlooking The "Opportunity Of A Lifetime".

The incredible opportunity gained by becoming completely and honestly aware of your own "financial truth".

Your own personal "financial reality".

Creating a home budget provides you...

The opportunity to change both your current situation and your future circumstance.

Even though creating a budget takes some effort. The payoff is huge.

Until you clearly understand your own "financial truth"... you will not make smart choices with money.

A budget provides opportunity... through insight... to be able to stop wasting money.

The opportunity to find and "free up" those dollars.

And then... to put those "once wasted" or "once invisible" dollars to work for you.

"Freed Up" dollars might be used to...

The importance of a budget... is the insight it provides.
And insight makes decision making and taking action easy.

To quickly evaluate your own particular situation use the calculator provided by the following link. Carefully read the link instructions before clicking to the calculator.

This calculator should be used to merely give you a sense for where you currently are.

I strongly recommend that you take the time to review both the
personal budgeting
page and the envelope budget method page on this site before you begin to actually start budgeting money.

Smart choices about money come easy when we are "aware of" and can clearly see our own "financial truth and reality".

So... get off your duff... create a personal budget and let those "once wasted" or "once invisible" dollars benefit you and your family... rather than everyone else.

"Because It Matters"... Jim

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Take Control, Stay On Track, Be Highly Motivated,
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