Here Are A Few Things About Me.

Hello and thanks for visiting my About Me page.

My name is Jim.

My wife Betty and I live in Oklahoma.

Our two kids are grown... but they have given us three beautiful and fun granddaughters. So we still get to play!

I would like to share a little about myself... how I got started with personal finances... and why I decided to create this website.

In the beginning... life was good!

For a good portion of my life I ran a small family owned manufacuring business.

LIfe was good. My future was set. No worries.

But then... the unthinkable happened. This family business of 40 years failed and was gone.

Plan "A" disappeared. There was no plan "B".

And Oh yes... I was immediately and personally a Million Dollars in debt to the bank. Don't ever think that personal guarantees are meaningless.

I spent the next 12 to 18 months dealing with the aftermath of the failed business.

In the end... it all got worked out.

The banks got paid... and we survived the most horrendous experience of our lives.

What Now?

That became the question of the day.

What do I do now?

I was too young to retire... yet perhaps too old to be seriously considered for employment at companies with potential to pay me what I was accustomed to making.

In addition... I had not worked for anyone other than myself for a long, long time.

That worried me.

What Do I Do Now?

A series of events eventually led me to the financial services industry.

Who would have thought? Was God trying to make a joke?

My family business had failed (due largely to debt) and the next career choice for me is in the area of money and finances. Life can be ironic at times.

However... I got trained. I got educated. I got licensed. And... over time...I became experienced in sitting down with families and developing financial plans and strategies for them.

At the same time my eyes were opened to how little... I had previously known... about money.

It was both humbling and frightening for me to realize how far "off the mark" I was...financially... this late in life.

I was appalled at my general lack of financial awareness. I had had little understanding. No plan. No strategy. No clue.

And yet...believe it or not... I have always considered myself to be pretty smart. After all...I do have an engineering degree. Smart indeed!

The unavoidable truth was... I had lived most of my life oblivious to the risks... both immediate and future... that I and my family were exposed to.

Oblivious to the magnitude of the financial opportunity that I had already missed. Squandered due to my lack of understanding.

But... most disturbing of all... oblivious to how dramatically my lifestyle would have to change in the relatively near future simply because... I had already lived so much of my life... without really "getting it".

Faced with this new awareness... I felt angry at myself, ashamed of myself, frustrated and downright anxious about the future.

I had lived so much of my life without even realizing how far off the financial mark I was.

By the time I had finally "got it" and was aware of my financial truth... it was nearly too late.

Correction and recovery would now be much more difficult to accomplish.

My years in the financial services business have shown me that there is a consistent need in the average American family.

A need for a greater degree of clarity, understanding, and awareness about personal financial matters and the ultimate impact of our financial choices.

The need is not merely for more information.

The need is more about... awareness and comprehension... as to what matters, why it matters, and how much it matters.

Albert Einstein once said...

"Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them." - Albert Einstein

I have directly witnessed... through my clients... the difference that a "new level of awareness" makes.

I am myself... in fact... an example of the difference that such insight makes.

People will change their financial situation and thus their lives... once they "get it".

In other words... when they understand and are fully aware of their own financial truth.

But it can come too late. Therein lies the danger. That is what nearly happened to me.

So I decided to create this site in an effort to hopefully help more people do just that... to "get it"... before it is too late.

From the "heart of a teacher" to you.

"Because It Matters"... Jim

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