Your Personal Money Management Ability Directly Affects All Areas Of Your Life.

Both Current And Future.

Done well... personal money management coupled with an overall financial strategy will drive you to financial freedom, security and peace of mind.

A little focus on personal money management may be all that you need to find the cash to change your life.

This Is What Matters...

  • that you clearly understand the current and future consequences of poor money management.
  • that you clearly understand the current and future consequences of good money management.
  • that you know where all your money is going.
  • that you use a personal budgeting method to guide your spending.
  • that your cash inflow is more than your cash outflow.
  • that you understand that you and you alone are solely responsible for your financial situation.
  • that you definitely have the power to change your financial situation.
  • that you don't feel sorry for yourself and see yourself as a victim.
  • that you understand that living paycheck to paycheck indicates a low money management priority.

    This Is Why It Matters...

    Instead of always having to just "work a little harder" to be able to move forward financially... perhaps all you need is just to "be a little smarter" with your hard earned cash.

    After all... you have already worked hard for it.

    Your money should now benefit you to the maximum extent. But that will not happen unless you direct each and every dollar to do what you want it to do.

    If you don't honestly know where all of your money goes each month... you are missing a tremendous opportunity to be able to free up cash for more important uses.

    Again... work smarter not harder. Doing a little personal budgeting or paying closer attention is much easier than working more hours or getting a second job.

    Poor personal money management may negate your ability to implement a debt elimination strategy.

    It may not allow you to act on any

    retirement income planning.

    It may not allow you to protect yourself and your family adequately.

    And... ultimately it may keep you from achieving security, financial freedom, and peace of mind.

    You and your family deserve to benefit to the maximum from the money that you work so hard to obtain.

    But... it is up to you to make sure that it is not wasted.

    Knowing where your money goes and utilizing good family money management methods is a very direct and tangible expression of love.

    Love your family and yourself by knowing where all of your money goes and by making sure that each dollar has a purpose and is not wasted.

    Give personal money management top priority and you will be on the road to security, debt freedom, financial freedom and peace of mind.

    This Is How Much It Matters...

    There is no way to justify wasting money.

    And yet... it is very common to consistently spend money and later wonder where it went.

    We have all done so at some time in our lives. No crime.

    However... when done over and over, month by month, year by year... the net impact to you financially can be huge.

    Often the biggest mistake made is to overlook the small stuff.

    Consider this...

    Suppose that as a result of becoming more aware of how much your personal financial choices matter... you took action.

    Perhaps you obtained some personal money management software or personal budgeting software or whatever.

    At any rate... you got serious and as a result of your focus and your efforts you discovered a way to free up $5 per day.

    Now be honest. What do you think about $5 per day? It doesn't sound like much does it? Does it seem worth your time?

    However... when you think about it... that would be $150 per month. That sounds a little better. Let's think this through.

    $150 per month would amount to $1800 per year even if you just buried it in the back yard.

    But what would be the result of increasing the monthly payment on the debt example given on the "debt matters" page of this site by this $150 per month until it was paid off?

    Well... you would save a little more than $22,000 in interest and pay the debt off a little more than 28 years sooner.

    Wow! Who would have thought that $5 per day could make such a difference?

    Here's another thought.

    Suppose you invested the $150 per month into an IRA for 20 years and earned an average annual rate of return of 12% over that time frame.

    What would your account be worth at the end of 20 years?

    You would have $149,872.

    Let's review... you would have contributed $36,000 total and you would end up with $149,872. Could you find $5 per day?

    The same scenario for 30 years would create a balance of $529,487. This time $54,000 contributed creates $529,000 balance.

    Make personal money management and personal budgeting a priority. Find your $5.00 per day or $10.00 per day or whatever and put it to work for you and your family.

    "Because It Matters"... Jim

    See For lots of ideas on ways to get more out of the money that you have and live within your means more effectively.

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